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Workshop in the Nude ~ 2014 Henry Yanok

Here is a marvellous throwback.

So, for those photographers and models in Calgary who were active in the 2010's, you will all recognize the name Kevin Jordan, or Kevin Canada. And you probably know his old house/studio just near 17th ave with the broken windows, creaky floors and creepy basement. Kevin was a prolific Canadian photographer who hosted these monthly model/photographer workshops. He'd have three models a day and I think 6 photographers. Every photographer gets a half hour with the model.

They were great fun! I met so many people and created a lot of interesting art.

This set is from the very first one I took part of (I believe...) with the most fascinating artist Henry Yanok.

Here is the original set:

I really liked his idea to bring the yellow raincoat and do interesting effects with it.

Here is a recent set he shared with me with some edits:

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