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Witchy Ways ~ Nevayah Wild 2020

This was one of three live photoshoots I've done since Covid hit.

Back in March of 2020 I was actually on tour, modelling in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. However, the global pandemic was announced halfway through my tour. I had booked a bus to Ottawa that day, so continued my trip, and as soon as I got to Ottawa, the grocery store shelves were bare!!!

Do you remember that?! Do you remember the madness and the panic and the impulse toilet paper shopping?!

I do. I also remember staying with my girlfriend and her partner and having so many good chats and working together while this thing started. Every day a new announcement was made: my train ticket to Toronto was now cancelled, photographers were changing plans, the borders were closing.

I cut my loses and I decided to fly home 2/3 of my tour in. I still fit in most of my shoots in Ottawa (which I'm super grateful for and so thrilled about) but I lost all of my Toronto work.

I did do a handful of online photoshoots (literally 3, with the same photographer) but I shifted all of my focus to what I could control. I did a month of minimalism (something I have done before) and then I moved to Saskatchewan for the summer and started teaching yoga online.

One of my friends from when I lived in Regina in 2017 does portraits and I decided to do a shoot just for me! This is to promote my healing work, my Tantra work, my womb work, and magick!

We even did a few pictures of me Yoni Gazing!!! (But I'm not sharing those publicly).

I've been sitting on this set waiting for the right time to share it... and I could wait forever. So why not now?! This magickal month that is my second year anniversary on Patreon.


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