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Veralux 2019 ~ Film Pink!

This was my second shoot with Matt. It turns out I know his brother, who is an amazing sculptor in Calgary- google Luttmer if you're curious. I'm forgetting his first name (mom brain...) but he's good friends with another artist (Daniel Audet) that I've done work with before and they're often together when I see them (either for work or just at art events). So when I went to Daniel's house just before I moved to Victoria for our second shoot together, Luttmer suggest I meet up with his brother who had also just moved to Victoria.

After a few days of being in Victoria, I got together with Matt. I hadn't started working yet at the Rising so I had some time. His new place was also in a gorgeous spot, more up near Langford also on top of a mountain near a golf course over there. We created this new work and you can see the development of what we was capturing (as well as my many identity changes ).

May the journey of art and creation and life continue to unfold!

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