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The Three Muses ~ Vince Hemingson 2017

This set actually got lost to the ethers in that period of time I wasn't so good at archiving... I made sure I shared it with my other muses, but I didn't download them *facepalm*. Thankfully when I was shooting with Vince this summer I mentioned as such and he gratefully sent me the files again!

So, here is a lovely throwback to one of the first shoots I did with Vince. We had plans to shoot but I was already on Wreck Beach sunning with these babes, and he said, the more the merrier! So I asked them and they were super keen on joining me! That is my good friend Chelsee and her wonderful friend Chiara. I love the moments where you can see us smiling and laughing. We obviously had some fun and enjoyed being the Three Graces in the water <3

Enjoy the brief pause from the pregnancy photos (more awesomeness coming to you next week ;))


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