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Second Year Anniversary!! Proof of Light 2020

Two years ago I shot with Mark Reierson at a workshop with Kevin Stenhouse. The pictures I did with Kevin were my very first post ever for my Patreon blog!!

Last year I did a photoshoot (and my very first behind the scenes video) for my one year anniversary on Patreon.

This year I shot with Mark again as a Special for my Second year Anniversary!! It's been quarantine life for most of us so this was actually one of the handful of shoots I've done since the Pandemic- and Mark as well. We shot just around the New Year in 2020 (images here). I had a rough idea in my mind to do another behind the scenes video, but given life circumstances and the ongoing covid shifts- I decided not to. Instead, Mark and I chatted and shot for close to 3 hours- just making art. It was fun and calm and rejuvenating.

He's got a bunch more on film but these are the digital shots for now.

I hope you enjoy as much a I do!! It was a pleasure.


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