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Ron Skei ~ 2017

Ok... So I'm actually a little surprised and embarrassed that I haven't shared these images yet!!! My gosh. I went to visit Ron... three summers ago when I was passing through the West Coast. I think it might have been my first trip to Salt Spring Island. I went for the Contact Improv Intensive with Martin Keogh and my soul and body just exploded.

After that immense opening and deepening I travelled on to Vancouver Island for a few days and then I ferried up the Sunshine Coast to work with Ron. He hosted me overnight and we ate steaks and made art. It was such a beautiful adventure <3

Here's what we captured! He used... if I remember correctly.. only film!! And he uses these sculptural furniture pieces that a friend of his makes.

So, please enjoy. I'm going to split this into a few posts to really honour the magnitude of this work <3

** also, I'm pretty sure I tried a chin-stand on this chair, and I'm pretty sure I fell on my face. :-P

Find his work at :

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