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Perinatal Priestess ~ PhotoArt4U 2021

I am SO pleased to be sharing this set with you. It was such an epic shoot and I felt like an absolute Goddess... I'm sure it shows in the photos.

Zev told me about this woman who was renting out gowns so I decided to splurge and treat myself! We met at fish creek park (after my husband drove me way to the far south corner of Calgary to pick up the gown, and then round and round the ring road to figure out the meeting spot). It was a chilly ish day but Zev had scouted a perfect location seeing as I was around 8 months pregnant and he didn't want me to have to walk too far. Unfortunately Dan was feeling unwell so he stayed in the car.

I feel absolutely blessed with the images I got and it's still early to share this but I've had a bunch of career shift ideas and downloads since my pregnancy: partway through my pregnancy as I was learning and teaching a lot of prenatal yoga, the name "perinatal priestess" came to me. I wasn't too sure what I would do with it but I bought the domain name and snagged the instagram handle. Now that I'm 7 weeks pp, I feel inspired to train as a doula and support women in a more personal and intimate way. The name sticks and I can do my doula work, my yoga work and my womb healing work all under this new name! It feels so right, and these images really embody what I'm creating!

Let me know what you think or feel free to share my work with a pregnant woman/mom to be!


And my yoga specific shots:

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