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Pearls... a girl's best friend ~ Dmac

So the other week I was searching through my archives for some images to sell as a photo reference set for a visual artist. I ended up giving him some fun images with swords and skulls as he does this really cool gothic/graphic type digital art. I'm really excited to see what he creates.

However, part of the set that I shot that one day was this one with pearls!! I never shared it anywhere as these images are all unedited. I often worked with David (DmacStudios) to shoot reference images for my paintings. I stopped painting a while ago (I will get back to it one day!) however I still had visions and ideas and plans.

So here's one really sweet set. I hope you enjoy the beauty and elegance of this one. And the warmth!

As always, please respect the photographers copyright. If ever you do get inspired by an image, just ask! We're usually really keen to say yes to permission.


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