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Online Photoshoot #1 ~ Covid realities w/ KenTography

Hello!! So we're still locked down in a deep global pandemic. As I've shared in previous posts, I was out in the East of Canada on a modelling tour when the pandemic was announced. Travel was getting shut down, the stores were crazy and I was worried about being able to get home to the West. So... I cancelled a third of my shoots and trip. One of the photographers I was meant to shoot with was going to drive up from Buffalo. He reached out to me during all of this and said, "Hey, let's shoot anyway online!"

And so we did!

We fumbled and failed and got what we got. It was fun- it was hard work for me (doing lights, and moving furniture and figuring out poses and moving my laptop). The image quality isn't the greatest (there are other ways I could set up that would work better- but this is what we got!!)

Here is my Covid online photo shoot #1...

Photos by KenTography

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