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Isolation and art ~ Covid shoot 2020

This set is brought to you by The Image Edge, down in Oregon!

We connected over Model Mayhem and explored the idea of doing a remote shoot together. It was a really fun conversation and experience.

I spent some time setting up the spare room in my house as a setting for our shoot. It's the room with the best natural light as I don't have a lot of good lighting around. I kept it simple and found a few accentuating props. Then when we connected we chatted and I moved through the room and through poses and TIE guided me with what he was seeing.

It was nice to create again. And to meet a photographer from another country and city and region that I've never been to. I shared in a blog a few years ago about one of the main reasons I shoot is to connect.... to form relationships and experiences and to share that with other human beings.

So, I am grateful to technology for allowing us this chance- even when we can't make it in person.

I have many ways I could improve my set up to create higher quality images (as TIE was super good at informing me and suggestion options) however, this is still good!


TIE also gave me images in Black and White and pink, but I think I'll save those for next week ;)

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