• Sarah Bella

Hanging Around ~ Upper Limit Imaging pt. 2

This is the second set from the shoot I did with Upper Limit Imaging in Vancouver. In fact, I do believe this was our second shoot, so some months later back in 2018.

I really really enjoyed collaborating with him. He captured such stunning images and also listened and even humoured me by shooting from a different angle (bellow)!

Like the previous set- these are all unedited (and uncensored). I just cropped out the studio background (as much as possible) and the one picture was marvellously done by ULI.

I really just love these images so much and I'm so happy he reached out to me in Covid crisis to share with me these images so I could then share them with you.

It's hard to pick just one as a favourite as they all capture me in different ways.

Thank you so much for enjoying them with me :)

*Please no sharing or using, especially as these are unedited and uncensored. Permission can be granted for use through express writing to me and the photographer.


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