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Erotic Fine Art

A few years back when I was in Calgary with my fabulous pink hair, I did several shoots with local artists. And when I shoot with painters, I give myself more freedom and leeway to explore and be creative.

Now for anyone of you who actually follow me- I don't shoot erotic and you know that!! But... two years ago I let it slide for these talented artists! And I'm not ashamed that I did. I love the art. I love my body and I love the results!

Elena Bushan art!

(I believe all of these paintings are sold but you can double check on her site- you might be able to buy a print?)

Daniel Audet

Instagram @paintisskin

*The one on the left he recently completed and it is for sale! It's hush hush right now because he's submitting it for galleries, but once that process is over, he's selling for $800. It's 16"x20" oil on panel, titled "Ballerina"

*The one of the right he gifted to me as payment for modelling. It's currently sitting in a cupboard so if someone wants it, message me! It's 12"x12".

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