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ELK Photography ~ Wading in Water 2021

This was such a wonderful shoot.

I went on a walk with the dogs early September and came across this gorgeous secluded lake, and they were swimming. I sat there for a while feeling envious and then I was like, wait... I can swim too! So I disrobed and slid in. It was gorgeous and refreshing and peaceful. When I got out I meditated and sat there a while.

I knew I had to get photos in this place!!

However, I don't know any fine art photographers in my area! So I put a call out and one woman answered- she normally does weddings, but she was super keen to capture some art!

We finally ventured out about a month later, when the colours were just starting to change and I felt like the water wasn't too cold yet to get in it. Dan came along with us (thankfully, to wrangle the dogs but then also to join me!).

Erin ended up getting almost more wet than me since she kept coming into the water to get the shots!

It was a blast and I'm sure you can see that on our faces!!

Enjoy this set!


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