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DMacStudios ~ Plastic Bag Girl

This was back to those first few years where David and I would spend 8 hours in the studio together... Amilee would do my makeup, he'd hire Jeniffer to do the "costuming" and her friend taped over my pointe shoes with duct tape even!!! (Good thing I have just dozens of pairs from my training that I could use for the cause.) His friend, also David, would usually come by to help assist with lights (or flour pouring like in a previous post :-P).

There's just so much content I could share from those early years... this was a fun one! really! The plastic Bag girl!!

I even painted a full painting, which I ended up gifted to David, of the third picture here. (I'll post an image of that on my Creatrix tier).

Oh- I think this was also the day that we explored a little fetish imagery and I was like NOPE, not for me. But, had to try it to find out!!

Thanks for viewing. It's truly a pleasure to share this artwork.


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