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Dave Freeman ~ photo fun 2019

Dave found me while I was teaching aerials in Victoria last year. We did a first shoot with the hat and bodyscapes, and then a follow up shoot where he hung this pole (not a weight bearing pole dancing pole!) and that amazing rope!! To create a rope swing. He had such great ideas and I loved playing. We meant to do an outdoor shoot but my time in Victoria got cut short (due to my injury and fear and coming "home").

It was actually a really important part of my journey while dealing with injuries, to shoot with photographers and work with them. Honestly, we talk more than we shoot... I learn about their lives and them mine. A lot of the photographers, not all, are retired and have lived a nice long life! So I ask questions about that... what's important, their secrets to success, some of their favourite memories.

Even though I haven't kept in touch with Dave, the things he shared with me have stuck with me to this day. The tips on relationships... and love! true love.

I might write a book about that one day. From all of the conversations I have had and learnt such wisdom from these people.

I am ever grateful.

Even though you can't hear our conversation... hopefully you can find some solace or inspiration or whatever you need right now in these images.


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