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Black Betty photoshoot ~ 2014

Back in 2014 one of my jobs was a lunchtime waitress at what was known as Black

Betty Burger and Wine. It was a fun gig because not only did it work with my performing and teaching schedule, but I also got to dress up like a Pin Up model every shift. Red lipstick was a mandatory part of our dress-code ;)

This outfit doesn't really showcase what I actually wore every day (think mermaid skirts, polkadots and big Red belts)! I'm pretty sure we weren't allowed to wear pants... but leopard print, that was allowed!! Oh, we also HAD to wear heals and to get between the kitchen and bar was a giant metal staircase... talk about leg day!

Anyway, this is a fun throwback for you! I was asked one day to model for their website and social media promo, they even filmed me dancing on the bar ;)

I have other things I could say about this job (if you didn't already pick up all of the heteronormative and sexualized bits...) but I'll leave that for another time. The joint ended up getting shut down due to lack of rent payments and drugs... I wasn't around anymore but needless to say, I loved some of the girls I worked with!

Thanks for being here for the fun! And do forgive me... I searched for the photographer and just can't remember his name...


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