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Beauty & the Babe ~ Bofiguratif 2021

Loves, I did this photoshoot in the home I was renting over the winter with Boon at 16 weeks pregnant. I had just gotten married the week prior- I was still dealing with morning sickness and nausea and moving into my husband's property.

Unfortunately the morning Boon was passing through Golden, I felt really quite ill and Dan forgot to bring my makeup over- so I felt and looked like shit... however, I had a wonderful little baby bump and a whole lotta love!!

This is the first photoshoot I did while pregnant (other than for a photographer earlier that week for photo reference for his paintings!). IT was bizarre for me to figure out how to pose and "model" while also feeling unwell and actively sticking my belly out (instead of holding it in or flexing) to really show my baby.

Boon's work is unlike most photographers (you can search our previous works together on this blog) as he likes to capture what is real and raw. I suppose a lot of my modelling is actually quite posey and stylized towards classical or dance based images. So it's a challenge for me just to be. Boon had me pick out three words before our shoot for us to work with and I picked immediately "luxurious, voluptuous and content."

Let's see if that comes through:

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