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April Cormier~ Fiery Fairy 2011

2011!!! This was my first photoshoot ever (that wasn't with DMACstudios... my mentor and guide).

I found April through the local FB page, she was offering shoots to new models and so I jumped on!! I met her just outside of Banff (secret location!), and I brought my mom and my dog. Good thing my mom was there because Tyson would have photobombed every shot!

I loved the results (I made the first photo my very first business card picture!). I love that this captured my mood, my essence, my personality and style of the time.

My how I have changed!!!

(It really wasn't until around 2017 that I fully branded myself as a Fine Art model, so the next few months I will be sharing some of this earlier work that I did that was more lifestyle, high fashion, runway even and more!).

Thanks for being here! xox

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