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Anima ~ 2019

This is a really fun fun set I want to share created by SamFotosynthesis ~ Anima.

He's an amazingly brilliant artist, painter, creator AND a psychologist. He works half of the week at his practice and the other half in art.

He contacted me over Model Mayhem when I was in Toronto last summer performing We Three (A witch piece remounted by Allison Burns). I shot with him early one morning in his apartment. As soon as I walked into his home I was overcome with inspiration... his walls, his floor, his shirt, his counters, his everything was HIS art!! It was amazing!!!

A big part of his process is painting ON his subjects. So he would start painting somewhere and see where it leads. He also had amazing ideas about the Goddess and many ancient Goddesses and needless to say... we had epic conversation. So much so that we planned a second shoot for that week and then we ended up working together virtually (with online Tantra sessions) for the next few months.

These captures of me really are quite different and unique to anything else captured of me. I think whole to do with Sam's process of painting, talking and sharing. His treatment of the artwork after the fact is also stunning.

Check out his work for more!

*As always, please respect artists rights and copyrights.

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