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Jt Young - Sculpture and Dance 2013

Here is a really fun set I did with JT years ago!!

It turns out, we did a lot of work together. We also did a lot of talking. That's one thing I remember from all of our shoots... our connection and chats about all sorts of things. It was really nice. (We did a crazy shoot in the rain downtown- look for that series coming soon too!).

For this shoot, he had this idea to create a classic Roman type sculpture. And with my art history knowledge I was like no... Greek!! The Roman's stole the sculptures from the Greeks!! They were the true artists... the true visionaries! (you can see from the one image with different lighting how we set it up by using gloves and black socks to create the illusion of missing limbs!)

Another aspect of this shoot was doing long exposure... sorry... multiple exposure shots to document movement and moving.

So, please enjoy and thank you for consuming art!!


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