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DMAC ~ I Am Enough

Happy Imbolc friends!!

The midpoint between Winter and Spring. May the return of the light and the fire in our bellies be ignited!!

It is also Eating Disorder awareness week! So... I thought I would share a serious that I created years ago based on a project revolving around my own healing of my eating disorder.

David Mackenzie, aka DMacStudios, has been a great friend and supporter of mine for years. I asked him to help me with this project and he said a resounding YES. His partner Amilee helped do the calligraphy and designs. I had ten people come into the studio to have words written on themselves and to embody what they desired to manifest! The images were wonderful, I displayed them in a gallery, and the sessions were powerful and healing. I even got my mom to come in!! Some people were clothed, some not... I had permission to share in gallery format but I did not ask for online distribution so you'll have to take my word for it... It was magic!

Here's my photo from the set:

I remember I had just seen Brene Brown's Ted Talk and was really really moved by what she said about vulnerability and shame and being enough... it struck me so much I had to create my own art around it!!

Here are some more photos from the set:

We also did some flour pouring, which turned out incredible! I turned one of those into a painting as well which my amazing soul auntie now owns. <3

#2012 #art #fineart #bodypaint #iam #healing #grief #magic

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