• Sarah Bella

Proof of Light ~ at the end of the tunnel

This was my second shoot with Mark. We set it up to explore some of the work he had been playing with... and then the day before our shoot, I broke up with my boyfriend. So I told him "I've been crying for 24 hours straight and you can't take any photos of my face." He agreed. We shot for maybe a half hour. Maybe an hour.

And then we sat there for about two hours talking.

It was amazing. We talked about grief and life and relationships and trauma and spirituality. It was really healing for me. The shooting and the talking. Really therapeutic. Honestly... it kept me going.

So I am ever grateful!

This was also two days before the turn of the year! So goodbye 2019 and hello 2020!!

May it be so!

~Thank you for witnessing and supporting my journey~

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