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DMAC ~ back to the beginning

So in line with my previous post... this is the next "first" soot I ever did.

I met David and Amilee online through a facebook modelling group. After having done some figure modelling for drawing classes at University, I started getting more intrigued about that world and found a facebook group to join. I started by doing some hair modelling, and that led to some high fashion runway events where I met a bunch of other photographers!

Anyway, on that journey I came across a post looking for a very specific model... someone who had a dance background, no tattoos, certain body type, etc... and, it was me! To a T! So I met the couple, we talked about their project and how I would work for it. Then we shot! Amilee did the makeup and prosthetics, their friend made the skin outfit, and David did all the shooting and photoshop.

This collaboration led to many many many more shoots... and lots of art of me being created through DeviantArt. So much content to share you guys!! So here's some of it.

The reason they were looking for me is they had an image idea to submit to an art magazine. Here's the submission:

And then here's a bunch from that first shoot: We ended up doing a lot of 8 hour shoots. This was no different, many different set ups, many different sets... here's a selection from there. Some of my clothes, some of Amilee's clothes. The steampunk outfit was for a woman who designs and creates the clothing! Then David sprayed me with Pam! That's why I'm so shiny!

You'll also notice that a lot of these poses ended up being reference images for some of my paintings.

Then here's a piece he created for me right in front of me after our shoot:

#2011 #fineart #model #photoset

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