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First Ever Photoshoot!! Matt Spidell 2009

This was the first photoshoot I ever did... notice the different hair, different bodytype and body hair. I had been modelling for art classes at university and this photographer was looking for models through there. I was game but I had absolutely NO experience!! It was an interesting journey.

We drove a few hours out to Drumheller. Unfortunately, that year it had rained a lot, and since this day was a nice day, the mosquitos were out in full force. I was in so much pain!! My body was covered in bites for days! Ugh... I didn't have much to add to the poses, he really had to tell me what he wanted. I had no idea.

I didn't do another shoot for a few years because it really wasn't all that great.

Looking back, there are some great photos. Now, I would love a shoot like this.

So here.. my first shoot ever!

#2009 #photoset #outdoor #nature #first

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