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Stories in a Picture ~ Hay day!

So I'm overwhelmed with how much work I've been able to share over the past year, how much work I have continued to create, and how much work I've actually lost to the ethers or never archived :-S

I have no real system of what I'm sharing with you guys week to week so I'm starting to wonder what I have and haven't shared... either way, today I wanted to share some really good black and whites! Some classic Fine Art with you all. And outdoor to boot ;)

You may remember my previous post with Bob, our winter shoot about a year ago in the snow!! I love the epic cylinder shots we got. From this set - we got an amazing shot with a hay bail. Do you know how hard it is to climb one of those?! haha! and naked. Needless to say, I worked it out ;) The one shot even made it into Bob's fine art gallery show last year! What a pleasure!

For that shoot, Bob invited me out on his motorcycle, so we rode (my real first time!) out to bragg creek and found this field he had scouted. I'm really happy with what we got. What do you think?!

Thanks for being here! Thanks for following.

#2017 #photoset #outdoor #nude #fineart

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