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Rybern Photo ~ the prelude

So... two days ago I shot my most recent shoot now, as a one year anniversary special for being on Patreon. Phew! Who knew I would keep at it.. and honestly - well... I still have so many sets to share from the archives and current and ongoing works!

So, I haven't shared any of the work I've created with Ryan yet. And I've archived even less...

Check out this one from before I was even a model - shot through The Phenomenon Culture, a dance company I was with when I started my professional career!!

I still have the sparkly black glove...

K so more recent stuff: These were created in 2016. I taught Ryan and his wife yoga weekly so I stayed late one week to shoot these lovely pics!! There was a set we shot maybe in like 2010 with sparks, but because of low lighting and experimentation, we have nothing to show for it.

Then in 2017, Ryan invited me out to Leader, Sask to shoot for a weekend with Virgil Davies. Here's some of what we got:

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