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Zev ~ an intimate affair

Here is one of my favourite shoots...

I had worked with Zev many times up until now. We had great chemistry and he was - IS - such a fast shooter. And he sends the edits like right away! Very little retouching which I quite like. Anyway... I was just embarking on my aerial career and performing this really sexy piece for Taboo! I was also just starting my 30 days of self pleasure journey so I was really embracing my sexy self. I asked him if we could do a little bit more of a riske shoot (for me at least). So he came to my home and shot in very low light and captured some great images. (one of which is on my tantra website and my business cards!).

Thanks for being a part and sharing! So grateful for the support and the stroll down memory lane ;)

*I apologize for any duplicates- this also only about a half of the series...

Copyright belongs to PhotoArt4U

#2016 #dancer #intimate #implied #nude #boudoir #sexual #photoset

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