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Demian Dradmeyer ~ over the years

So this photographer is an alias. Now I can't even remember when I first met him... if it was through model mayhem or the dance community or through my friend Bunny at an art opening... maybe he remembers. Anyway, we did our very first shoot I remember in an old abandoned house just before the Wreck Week project in Calgary. We got to shoot in the buildings that we being used as artist playgrounds before being demolished. Emilia was the makeup artist for that shoot and I think that was the first of many many more shoots with her beautifying my face. What magic!! So here's a few from that back in 2013:

I believe our next shoot was in his studio and this is some of what we got from that!

We had more shoots and I'm going to be quite honest- I got worse at documenting and archiving my work over the past few years... so a lot has sort of slipped through the cracks. Especially as I moved my attention from my fine art work and dancing over to my aerial work mostly full time.

So then there are these ones that we shot now in 2017.

As I'm working on this post I found two more sets from him that I'll share next week!!

Thanks again for your love and support. And riding this wild wave of life with me. xoxo

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