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Steve Richard- Aerial Book! 2017

Steve and I worked together for the first time in Calgary in 2016. He was passing through for a photo workshop and Kevin Stenhouse had recommended me as a model. Steve's work is phenomenal if you haven't seen it! He works meticulously and almost painfully to capture ONE perfect image. He is a true master... a renaissance painter of photography!

Case in point... we worked for a good half hour or hour when I visited his home studio in Halifax in the winter of 2017, just to get to our starting point. He then went ahead and deleted EVERY image from that past hour. That caught my breath! After that I specifically asked him to keep a few images for me and my portfolio :-P

These three are displayed in his beautiful aerial art coffee table book!

We would spend time finding the poses in clothing, and then once Steve was happy with the setup, I'd get nude and shoot the final image. It saved my skin from getting too beat up from the apparatus.

These ones are for his ballet series book which I believe is still in progress.

You can surmise your own story behind what this means...

And then these ones were taken at the workshop I mentioned but not by Steve, by one of the participants.

#2017 #ballet #nude #model #aerial #fineart #dancer

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