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Boulder, Colorado - Tait Photography

Two years ago (give or take), I was in Boulder, Colorado for the annual Aerial Dance Festival. Oh it was so much fun. I even ended up doing three photoshoots!! One was the aerial shots I purchased for my own promotion, one was this shoot out in the wilderness and one was with David (oh gosh now I'm blanking on his last name...) whom I have not posted yet. So fun!

Anyway, this photographer was a Peach Farmer! And we talked about the most interesting subjects. We shot up in the hills/mountains of Boulder so had to hide from other hikers. He was very interested in my journey in modelling- why I started, why I do it, what I love about it and how it has changed my body image. He also shared stories with me of other women who shoot for self love. It was just lovely all in all! So please, enjoy these photos that I so enjoy!

Thank you so much for your support. As always please respect the copyright of the photography and my likeness and image** xoxo

#2017 #nude #fineart #photoset #outdoor #nature #dancer

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