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Portrait Couture~ 2019: to the soft and strong feminine

I met up with Regina and her husband for an impromptu photoshoot at their mansion. I had just re-dyed my hair pink and I was inspired to shoot in my gold dress again. I was flowing off of the feminine energies working within myself. It's funny though... the day of I was very agitated and irritated, so came off quite quiet and maybe even intimidating. Not the feminine I had been channeling... haha. More of the masculine driven, time oriented, task manager showed up. But it's ok. Once Sergey and I started shooting... the flow reemerged and we were able to capture some magic. Unfortunately I had to run back to work but more will be created I'm sure soon!

Check out this beautiful couple on Vancouver Island if you need wedding, boudoir or portrait shots. Lovely humans!!

*As always, please respect the copyright of the photographer and my image.*


#2019 #photoset #model #fineart #implied

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