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Marie Ilchuk- dance, bodypaint fun! 2015

Here is a beautiful set by the amazing Marie Ilchuk. She lives way up in North East Alberta on a beautiful property out in the country. She had me and my partner at the time drive up and stay in her son's home- so nice! Then her property had this amazing garden that she has spent so much time and devotion on. The inside of her home was magic. She set up a photo studio in a barn on her property and she had done so much research and planning put into our shoot. She had all of these reference images and assistants and lighting and bodypaint. Plus check out her photoshop skills. Anyway, it was just such a pleasure to work with this woman. Such a gift. I remember feeling so happy in her garden just blissed out.

Thank you Marie!!

As always, please respect the copyright of the artist ;)


#2015 #bodypaint #fineart #photoset

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