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Snow Day!! ~ Chris Hawkins 2019

This was my first paid shoot in Victoria! Chris found me on Model Mayhem (no, the site has not died!!). He rented out a super cute studio in Esquimalt and we spent a sunny morning taking pictures (all on film) and chatting about life.

One of my favourite parts of being a model is meeting photographers one on one and getting to know them. I love chatting about all sorts of things. Usually Burning Man comes up (because I just love it), and travel and living and circus. Sometimes spirituality comes up and the Tantra or yoga. All of the things that make me me.

Chris was from the East coast so we had lots to chat about geographically. I find I actually meet a lot of people who have come here (Vancouver Island), not necessarily from here.

Anyway, it snowed yesterday so classes were cancelled. Snow day! Sadly I posted my snow pictures two weeks ago (check out Bob's shoot), but these ones I've been holding onto. I love the retro feel!!

*As always, please so sharing, editing, using, you know the drill, without written permission.*

Love you guys, thanks for the support!

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