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Blue Muse Fine Art

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

It was my birthday this week. I turned 30. I'm like a real adult now !! (Who works full time for the circus...)

I thought, since it's a special week, I would share one of my most favourite images with my most favourite photographer. We've done I think 5 shoots together, I really don't get to Edmonton all that much, but what I can say is that Blue Muse is such a wonderful artist. Not only does he create his own lights, set, everything, he then draws and sketches the images beautifully!! Such a master.

The first time I worked with him it was like magic... we just flowed. Not many words were spoken, just me moving on the floor and him moving the lights and camera around me. This is what we created!!

**As always, please no sharing, altering, using in any way. Thank you!!**

#2014 #model #fineart #photoset

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